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Re: .deb distribution/configuration/maintenance

On Fri, Jan 04, 2002 at 10:03:10AM -0700, Tim Heath wrote:
>I have heard that dselect and apt-get have been ported to cygwin.  I am
>very interested in this package distribution and management system.  Can
>anyone please tell me how to setup a .deb package on cygwin that I might
>deploy on a client machine that is running cygwin with dselect/apt-get? 
>I am super interested in this.  Also, how will the three levels of
>stability that debian uses be configured/supported ( potato, woody, sid
>)?  The debian package system is superior to any packaging system I have
>seen commercial or free.  I really want to use it.

Wrong mailing list.  If you are interested in a Debian installation of
cygwin, contact the people who ported dselect.

If you heard about this from someone, then ask them about it.

I don't want to become even more bogged down with people
discussing their alternate installation techniques and asking for help
for same.  If someone is providing an alternate cygwin distribution they
should also be providing an alternate cygwin mailing list.

I believe that the debian mailing list for this is .

If it isn't then do a google search.  I have no more information that this.


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