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RE: C++ Link Errors

> > g++ -Wl,--enable-auto-import -ftemplate-depth-99 -O2 -o uml.exe
> [...]
> > After a number of auto-import warnings, which I expect, like:
> > Warning: resolving QString::shared_null   by linking to
> > __imp___7QString$shared_null (auto-import)
> > I receive a series of messages, which I don't expect, like:
> > umlview.o(.text+0x34f5):umlview.cpp: undefined reference to `cerr'
> > umlview.o(.text+0x34fa):umlview.cpp: undefined reference to
> > `ostream::_ls(char const *)'
> > umlview.o(.text+0x3506):umlview.cpp: undefined reference to 
> `endl(ostream &)
> > '
> > Any ideas?
> cerr et al. are in libstdc++.a
> Add libstdc++.a to the link line.  Libtool uses gcc to link not g++,
> i guess it is a bug in libtool, though if you use g++ like shown above
> libstdc++ should be linked in automatically.

The libtool I have does use g++ and it is being linked with libstdc++.a. I
even added a spare -lstdc++ to the end of the g++ command, but the error
remains. It may be worth mentioning that the error is seen during the
collect2 phase.

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