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login 1.4-2 LASTLOG file mismatch


    I think I've found a small bug in the login program code versus the man
page regarding the last login feature.  The man page indicates that the file
necessary for storing the last login information is /var/log/lastlog, and
this file was actually created with zero length automatically.  But the code
references the file location as /usr/adm/lastlog, which is not created

    When I created a zero length file /usr/adm/lastlog, the login program
now shows the last login date, time, and source.  Now, after the first use
of the /usr/adm/lastlog file, it's size grew to 3,048,420 bytes!  What's in
that file?  Is that normal?

    As a side question, when I compile Cygwin programs locally, they seem to
be much larger than the binaries installed by setup.exe.  For example, login
installed by setup.exe is 11,776 bytes; the login that I compiled myself is
44,945 bytes.  I made no changes whatsoever to the source code, and used the
makefile that came in the tarball.  In checking the archives, I saw one
cryptic reference to using 'strip' but I don't really understand that
reference.  BCNU//jle

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