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Re: Heimdal 0.4e and Cygwin

Hallo Nicolas,

Am 2002-01-04 um 22:11 schriebst du:

> ./configure --prefix=/usr/local --disable-otp ; make

> Works, well, almost works.

> The only serious problems appear to be:

>  - Cygwin defines iruserok() in unistd.h but does not provide an
>    implementation, therefore ./configure detects that iruserok() is
>    missing and lib/roken/iruserok.c fails to compile because it
>    redefines iruserok()!

$ nm libutil.a | grep iruserok
00000108 T _iruserok

>    Cygwin needs a fix, if anything, but I'm not sure how to workaround
>    this.  I worked around it by manually editing config.h and
>    lib/roken/Makefile... The only thing that fails to build then is
>    rshd.exe.

>  - The same klist.exe binary in /tmp/heimdal-0.4e/kuser/klist.exe works,
>    but, the *same* binary, located in /usr/local/bin/. Then again, if I
>    copy klist.exe to /usr/bin/ it works.

>    Cygwin is slowly making me crazy. Time to dig through the FAQs or the
>    Cygwin lists... and I'm not finding anything.

>    Is there something magical about /usr/local/ on Cygwin that prevents
>    binaries I compile from working?

No. Sounds strange.

>  - When I try to link a simple conftest program to check for
>    gss_init_sec_context() gcc/ld fail to link, listing lots of OpenSSL
>    symbols as being undefined - adding -lssl to the gcc command line
>    does not fix the problem. This is probably something to do with the
>    above klist.exe problem.

> I'm running make check now. Most checks are passing.

> If only I can figure out exactly how to install Heimdal so things link
> and run correctly. Perhaps I have to ./configure with --prefix=/usr,
> since manually installing Heimdal binaries to /usr/bin seems to work...


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