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Re: Compiling Berkeley db for Ruby under Cygwin

Hallo Charles,

Am 2002-01-05 um 07:39 schriebst du:

> Gerrit P. Haase wrote:

>>>1. Use the correct linker flag `-L/path/to/librubys.a/' and look
>>>   if there is a lib named libcygwin-ruby16.a, isn't the name of
>>>   the import lib librubys.a or was it changed since 1.6.5 and 1.6.6?

>> Ah, no, librubys.a is the static lib, the importlib is:
>> /usr/local/lib/libcygwin-ruby16.a in my build.

> FYI, ".dll.a" is a recognized extention meaning "import lib".  If found
> in the library search path, it takes precedence over ".a" unless -static 
> is used.  E.G.

> /my/lib/path/  contains
>     libfoo.dll.a
>     libfoo.a

> Then

> gcc <list of object files> -L/my/lib/path -lfoo

> will find and link against /my/lib/path/libfoo.dll.a

> gcc -static <list of object files> -L/my/lib/path -lfoo

> will link against /my/lib/path/libfoo.a

Yep, that is the 'standard' but ruby is ruby;)
Thay have their own syntax like perl too.
There is the static lib, /usr/local/lib/ruby/1.6/i686-cygwin/librubys.a
and an importlib /usr/local/lib/libcygwin-ruby16.a

Maybe a symlink libcygwin-ruby16.a -> libcygwin-ruby16.dll.a
would help?


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