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Re: Anyone got mod_perl working?

Hallo Robert,

Am 2002-01-05 um 04:37 schriebst du:

>> "However, I think that building mod_perl under Cygwin is a not a good
>> idea (yet). For example, you won't be able to build libapreq
>> (Apache::Request):
>> it requires some symbols from apache and under win32 it's impossible
>> to link .dll to symbols in .exe which loads this .dll.
>> That's why win32 apache is split into Apache.exe and ApacheCore.dll --
>> it allows modules to link with ApacheCore.dll. Unfortunately,
>> Cygwin builds single httpd.exe binary and libapreq fails to link
>> to ap_table_add, ap_getword and many other symbols residing in apache
>> binary."
>> If you have any other ideas, please let me know :)

> A .exe is the same as a .dll to Win32. You should be able to link back
> to the .exe, if you generate an import library for the exported symbols.

Besides that there are some static libs to link against, they got not
installed, but they are in the source tree, libmain.a is the basic
library and there are all the modules as static libs and some helper


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