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Cygpath -u Produces Junk When Given Empty Argument


I invoked "cygpath -u" with an empty string by mistyping a quoted 
environment variable name. It produced 10 garbage characters:

% cygpath -u ""
\	a\	a

% cygpath -u "" |od -c
0000000   \ 232  \t   a   \ 232  \t   a 020  \n

These characters appear not to change across several invocations.

% cygcheck -v cygpath.exe
Found: D:\cygwin\bin\cygpath.exe
D:\cygwin\bin\cygpath.exe - os=4.0 img=1.0 sys=4.0
   D:\cygwin\bin\cygwin1.dll - os=4.0 img=1.0 sys=4.0
     "cygwin1.dll" v0.0 ts=2001/12/8 14:02
     D:\WINNT\System32\KERNEL32.dll - os=5.0 img=5.0 sys=4.0
       "KERNEL32.dll" v0.0 ts=2000/11/21 21:50
       D:\WINNT\System32\NTDLL.DLL - os=5.0 img=5.0 sys=4.0
         "ntdll.dll" v0.0 ts=2000/11/21 22:32
   D:\WINNT\System32\KERNEL32.dll (already done)

% cygcheck -s -v >cygcheck-s-v-out
cygcheck: dump_sysinfo: GetVolumeInformation() failed: 1

cygcheck-s-v-out is attached. (I left it in DOS text format, as it came 
from cygcheck.)

If more information is required or if someone would like me to perform any 
tests, just let me know.

Randall Schulz
Mountain View, CA USA

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Description: Binary data

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