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Newbie ssh question

I've recently installed Cygwin and XFree86 on my W2K machine, and am highly
pleased with it.

Main use is to run stuff on my machine at work, and saves constantly
re-booting between Windows and Linux on my home machine.

I consequently make much use of ssh and X forwarding. All works excellently,
but for one problem. Any remote Xterm, unless used pretty constantly, falls
over with the message

	"Read from remote host x.x.x.x: Connection reset by peer
 	Connection to x.x.x.x closed."

If I keep the connection exercised (eg. run something like ping on the
Xterm) there is no problem, so I guess it may be a keep-alive problem. I
include the option `KeepAlive yes` in my (home) ssh_config file - there
appears to be no corresponding file on the remote (RH Linux) machine.
However when running my home machine as a Linux box to ssh into the same
machine at work there is no problem.

I find that the problem occurs when using a Cygwin Xterm, when running
XFree86 (with FVWM2), or Putty on W2K, so may be its something to do with
ssh on Windows.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

James Hall

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