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Re: login 1.4-2 LASTLOG file mismatch

On Fri, Jan 04, 2002 at 03:33:18PM -0600, Joshua wrote:
>     All,
>     I think I've found a small bug in the login program code versus the man
> page regarding the last login feature.  The man page indicates that the file
> necessary for storing the last login information is /var/log/lastlog, and
> this file was actually created with zero length automatically.  But the code
> references the file location as /usr/adm/lastlog, which is not created
> automatically.

Thanks for the hint.  I've uploaded a new version of login which uses
the correct /var/log/lastlog file.

>     When I created a zero length file /usr/adm/lastlog, the login program
> now shows the last login date, time, and source.  Now, after the first use
> of the /usr/adm/lastlog file, it's size grew to 3,048,420 bytes!  What's in
> that file?  Is that normal?

Weird.  Mine doesn't grow beyond 138276 bytes.


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