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Re: struggling with ncurses dll

prapp wrote:

> (I apologize to Chuck for emailing him directly -- I just read instructions
> saying to send to this email list, not to Chuck.)
> Abstract:
> I'm trying to compile a unix program making pretty simple use of curses.
> It is working sporadically, and only with static linking I think, and
> I'm getting "auto-import" warnings, 

If they are just warnings, then there is no problem.  Those "warnings" 
are really just informative has been suggested that we 
silence them, but I dunno if the changes are "accepted" enough to 
justify silencing those messages.  It's been about four months; I 
(arbitrarily) set six months as my target age before I'd submit a patch 
to binutils-patches to silence them.

> so I'd like to understand how to
> make this work with the dll (partly so I don't need to pass arguments
> to configure, because every time I forget to do that, I waste a lot of
> time). 

Again, are you SURE it's not working?  auto-import warnings are actually 
an indication that things are going well...

*PLEASE* post the ACTUAL output from your "failing" link command.

> I seem to have incorrect includes, but I'm pretty inexperienced,
> and only have been using the setup tool -- is the answer to fetch
> newer includes manually ? Or am I just missing something in the setup
> tool ?

None of the above.  See my earlier message to this list "Re: dll vs 
static importing on cygwin".

> Details:
> setup.exe says I have
>  libncurses5: 5.2-1
>  libncurses6: 5.2-2
>  ncurses: 5.2-7
> I have
> /usr/doc/Cygwin/ncurses-5.2.README
> which leads me to believe I ought to have
> /usr/include/ncurses/include/ncurses_dll.h

My mistake.  As of 5.2-7, those references to ncurses_dll.h are out of 
date.  I should correct the documentation.

> but I do not have this file (ncurses/include/ncurses_dll.h)
> which may be the root of my problem ?
> my /usr/include/ncurses/include/ncurses.h
> says this:
>,v 1.96 2000/09/16 16:11:01
> I just went thru a lot of reinstalling via the setup tool
> a couple days ago, when I was reading a web page about the
> splitting up of the curses stuff into three packages I think,
> and it gave instructions wherein I installed one piece first,
> then something else, then reinstalled the first one -- I don't
> recall exactly, but I finally uninstalled all the curses stuff
> via the setup tool, and just walked thru the instructions.

Sorry it was confusing.  If you have the following files, then you did 
it right:



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