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Re: Newbie ssh question

   From: Adrian Phillips <>
   Date: 06 Jan 2002 11:15:46 +0100
   >>>>> "James" == James Hall <> writes:
       James> I've recently installed Cygwin and XFree86 on my W2K
       James> machine, and am highly pleased with it.
       James> Main use is to run stuff on my machine at work, and saves
       James> constantly re-booting between Windows and Linux on my home
       James> machine.
       James> I consequently make much use of ssh and X forwarding. All
       James> works excellently, but for one problem. Any remote Xterm,
       James> unless used pretty constantly, falls over with the message
       James> 	"Read from remote host x.x.x.x: Connection reset by peer
       James> Connection to x.x.x.x closed."
   Do you have a firewall in between. Firewalls throw away connections
   when there unused for a while,
For example, Sonicwalls have Network Connection Inactivity Timeout

   Try turning on KeepALive (or whatever the option is called now),
Also, there is how hard windows tries to keep connections alive.

This is in the PuttyFAQ
 The timeout value can't be set on per application or per session
 basis. To increase the TCP timeout globally, you need to add the
 following key to the registry
 in Win95/98/ME (it must be DWORD in Win95, or String in Win98/ME),

 Then set the key's value to something like 10. This will cause
 Windows to try harder to keep connections alive instead of
 abandoning them.

P.S. Have fun doing regedit.  
P.P.S, do be careful.  This would be a good time to backup your machine.

   Your mouse has moved.
   Windows NT must be restarted for the change to take effect.
   Reboot now?  [OK]



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