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Re: progamming with Cygwin GNU Readline Library

Please don't send cygwin related questions to me personal.  This belongs 
on the cygwin list. I have copied the list and reset the Reply-To: 

Hiroo Hayashi wrote:

> Dear Charles Wilson,
> I'm maintaining a perl module Term::Readline::Gnu.  It is a wrapper
> module of GNU Readline Library for perl.  I've received a report which
> said my module did not work with Cygwin GNU Readline Library package.
> I'd like to make my module be able to work Cygwin library and I am
> looking for information on the Internet.
> I've found your name from Cygwin mailling list archive.

Note that near the top of my cygwin list is to release a new version of 
readline that builds the DLL using NEW STYLE auto-import/export 
functionality provided by recent binutils.  See my message today in 
cygwin mailing list archives, "Re: dll vs static importing on cygwin" 
for more information.

The OLD STYLE used by the current cygwin readline releases is causing 
your difficulties.  You *can* work around it and build 
Term::Readline::Gnu with the current cygwin readline DLL -- I did this 
several months ago -- but you'd be better off just waiting until I 
release the new cygwin readline build, and then try against THAT.

> It seems that you are maintaining the Cygwin GNU Readline Library
> package.  If you are not proper person, could you advice me how to
> contact the maintainer or forward this message this him?  Thank you.
> Let me use the following code, foo.c, to explain my problem.
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> #include <stdio.h>
> #include <readline/readline.h>
> char **foo = &rl_line_buffer;	/* error */
> #if 0
> extern char *e;
> char **c = &e;	/* no error */
> #else
> main(){
> 	char **bar;
> 	bar = &rl_line_buffer; /* no error */
> }
> #endif

Yep, this is a windows DLL problem.  You can't use the address of an 
imported variable as a static initializer, because it isn't constant. 
It will depend on where the DLL is loaded into memory at each runtime. 
(I'm pretty sure of that; Corrections, anyone?  Robert?)

> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> First I compiled this file without additional option.
> 	(HERBIE) hiroo[202] gcc -c foo.c
> 	foo.c:3: initializer element is not constant
> I'm assuming that this is due to a restriction of Windows DLL.  Are
> there any way to compile this without modifying the source code?

If I am correct above, then NO, you must modify the source code.

> Next I found /usr/include/readline/readline_dll.h and READLINE_STATIC
> directive in it.  By using this I can compile foo.c.
> 	(HERBIE) hiroo[203] gcc -c -DREADLINE_STATIC foo.c
> 	# no error

Now, this ought to work -- you indicate that you will link to the static 
lib, so ONCE the link is perfomed, the address of rl_line_buffer will be 
at a constant position within foo.exe's memory space.

> Next I tried to link this.
> 	(HERBIE) hiroo[205] gcc -DREADLINE_STATIC foo.c -lreadline -ltermcap
> 	Warning: resolving _rl_line_buffer by linking to __imp__rl_line_buffer (auto-import)
> 	nmth000000.o(.idata$4+0x0): undefined reference to `_nm__rl_line_buffer'
> 	collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

Ah -- you COMPILED the .c into a .o as if you were going to link 
statically, and then tried to link to the import lib (dynamically). 
That won't work.  Add '-static' to the link command to force it to link 

> It seems that ld use /usr/lib/libreadline.dll.a instead of
> /usr/lib/libreadline.a.  How can I tell Cygwin ld to use static
> library instead of dynamin library?

Yep -- you need 'gcc -static'.

> By removing /usr/lib/readline.dll.a I have no error.  And my perl
> module works well.

Right -- fallback position is if .dll.a can't be found when linking 
dynamically, try to link to the .a instead.

> Of course I don't think removing DLL library is proper way.  

No it isn't.  Nit: .dll.a isn't the DLL.  it is merely the import lib. 
The dll is actually /usr/bin/cygreadline5.dll.

> I can give
> a full path name, /usr/lib/readline.a, to ld, but I feel this is not
> also proper way.

'gcc -static' + -DREADLINE_STATIC

Or wait for the next release of cygwin readline, which should make all 
of these problems go away.


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