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Re: ghostscript doesn't work for me?


This might be because of a bug in the current cygwin ghostscript
distribution that prevents it from working on text mount partitions i.e.
it only works on binary mount partitions. Also, the current cygwin
ghostscript distribution has X11 support disabled (until XFree86 is
included as part of the cygwin distro). I submitted a patch a while ago
to fix ghostscript to work on text mounts but I guess it hasn't been
applied to the cygwin distro yet. The cygwin ghostscript maintainer has
not replied to my messages but the people at cygnus are aware of the
problem - they also received a copy of the patch. A workaround is to
change all of your file mounts to binary (using the cygwin setup.exe
program) to run ghostscript, and then change the mounts back to text
mode when you're done (unless you're happy with binary mounts).


> From: Lester Ingber
> To: cygwin at cygwin dot com
> Subject: ghostscript doesn't work for me?
> I can't seem to get ghostscript to work properly even under XFree86?
> I just checked and I have all the latest packages.
> This error message is obtained from `gs` or `gs.exe`.
> Under my Sun/Solaris, `gs` works fine.  I created
> using
> cygwin/groff.
> Lester
Gregory W. Bond
AT&T Labs - Research
180 Park Avenue, Rm. D273, Bldg. 103
P.O. Box 971, Florham Park, NJ, 07932-0971, USA
tel: (973) 360 7216 fax: (973) 360 8187

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