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Re: Newbie ssh question

>>>>> "James" == James Hall <> writes:

    James> Thanks for responding to my original question.  Although
    James> not strictly correct you pointed me in the right
    James> direction. For any one else with this problem:

Does not :-

             Specifies whether the system should send keepalive messages to
             the other side.  If they are sent, death of the connection or
             crash of one of the machines will be properly noticed. This op­
             tion only uses TCP keepalives (as opposed to using ssh level
             keepalives), so takes a long time to notice when the connection
             dies. As such, you probably want the ProtocolKeepAlives option as
             well.  However, this means that connections will die if the route
             is down temporarily, and some people find it annoying.

             The default is ``yes'' (to send keepalives), and the client will
             notice if the network goes down or the remote host dies.  This is
             important in scripts, and many users want it too.

             To disable keepalives, the value should be set to ``no'' in both
             the server and the client configuration files.

and/or this :-

             Specifies the interval at which SSH_MSG_IGNORE packets will be
             sent to the server during dile periods. Use this option in
             scripts to detect when the network fails. The argument must be an
             integer. The default is 0 (disabled), or 300 if the BtchMode op­
             tion is set.

help ? I haven't checked the changes for Cygwin in the OpenSSH code so
I don't know whether these options should have an affect. Its
certainly easier than having to mess with the registry,


Adrian Phillips

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