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Re: announcements trapped by anti-viral filter

> Subject: Re: announcements trapped by anti-viral filter
> Date: Mon, 7 Jan 2002 08:03:19 -0800 (PST)
> From: Joshua Franklin <>
> To:
> Well, I guess I'll post this to the cygwin list then.
> I thought the whole point of a mailing list was to
> have a place where people could get a problem solved
> and others can search for the same problem later.
> I knew of a way around a stupid corporate virus
> filter.
> So, I posted to the original list and CC'd the
> poster. I thought it might be confusing to someone
> searching the archives to find a message on
> cygwin-apps with no reply.

It's common courtesy to keep OT off list.  If you respond to an OT then
don't include the list in the response.  If you think it's pertinent for
list members the is the place to post that.  All other
lists must remain per specified topic or the quality of developer time
will be diminished.  It seems that cygwin-apps posts tend to be a big
offender of OT posts.  Please review the
page before posting to it or other lists.  We don't want to become YA

The primary purpose of cygwin-apps is for maintainers of cygwin
distributed applications to communicate with one another.  It's not for
posting questions about the operation of the application.  If you're not
maintaining an application then you're safe post will be to not to


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