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Re: Compiling apps to Mingw32 with cygwin

Jon Leichter wrote:
> - Using CC="gcc -mno-cygwin" is good for compiling, but it's bad for GNU
> Libtool, as I have mentioned. I use a wrapper script: CC=mgcc. What do you
> think of this Earnie?

Your wrapper script is a good idea but has the wrong name as has been
pointed out already.  It needs to be named i386-pc-mingw32-gcc and a
copy as mingw32-gcc so that when specifying the --host=mingw32 or
--host=i386-pc-mingw32 the configure script will find it appropriately. 
Of course to do this you also need to do the same for the binutils

Yes, specifying --host without the other parts of the triplet indicates
a cross build to configure.  You are even warned of this fact.  Specify
all three to avoid configure from figuring it out on it's own.  You've
just been lucky enough to not configure a package that cares.  Try
configuring binutils if you want to see what happens with just
specifying host.


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