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Re: bash/cmd CTRL-C problem...

(I just returned from vacation so excuse me for responding to an old
message but I really feel compelled to respond to this one...)


This reply puzzles me. What is the point of cygwin if not to support
interoperability between win32 and unix environments? If all I wanted
was an all-unix environment on a 386 box, I'd run linux not cygwin. To
me, the great advantage of cygwin over linux is that I can (mostly) mix
and match Unix and Win32 apps (win32 Java under cygwin bash being the
notable exception :-)


Christopher Faylor wrote:

> Here's the harsh reality: it is extremely unlikely that anyone is going
> to investigate this.  If you are using non-cygwin apps with bash and
> CTRL-C doesn't work then you are on your own.
> I will enthusiastically inspect and evaluate any fixes that you provide
> to cygwin to rectify this situation.  The fixes must not break current
> CTRL-C behavior with cygwin apps.
> You are one of a handful of people reporting similar problems.  Everyone
> seems to be trying to do basically the same thing.  They're building
> non-cygwin java apps and complaining that CTRL-C doesn't work right.
> However, since we are all *cygwin* developers it is not likely that
> we'll want to go to the effort of loading non-cygwin, java software on
> our system to track your problem down for you.  I could be wrong.  Maybe
> someone is actively working on this.  If so, I hope that person steps
> forward and offers some insight into how they are progressing and what
> their proposed fix might be.
> cgf
Gregory W. Bond
AT&T Labs - Research
180 Park Avenue, Rm. D273, Bldg. 103
P.O. Box 971, Florham Park, NJ, 07932-0971, USA
tel: (973) 360 7216 fax: (973) 360 8187

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