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Re: bash/cmd CTRL-C problem...

On Mon, Jan 07, 2002 at 12:08:51PM -0500, Gregory W. Bond wrote:
>I agree that this behavior should be considered a bug since the bash
>cygwin behavior differs from bash behavior on other unix platforms.
>This has caused headaches for our project too.

Hmm.  How does bash on "other unix platforms" deal with programs that
are not compiled for the specific platform?  We are talking about a
cygwin app calling a non-cygwin app.  There is no analogue in unix land.

>For the record, here is a very simple java test program that I sent to
>Troy when we discussed this problem last November.  This program simply
>intercepts CTL-C and runs a shutdown hook prior to shutting down the
>Java VM.  It works fine under cmd.exe and cygwin ash, but does not work
>under cygwin bash.

If you think it's a bug and it causes headaches for your project then
why not invest time in providing a fix?  It must be obvious by now that
the problem isn't going to be fixed unless someone who is experiencing
it takes time to fix it.


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