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Re: bash/cmd CTRL-C problem...

On Mon, Jan 07, 2002 at 12:30:33PM -0500, Gregory W. Bond wrote:
>(I just returned from vacation so excuse me for responding to an old
>message but I really feel compelled to respond to this one...)

Why did you Cc me when I specifically set the Reply-To to and am obviously reading that mailing list?

>This reply puzzles me. What is the point of cygwin if not to support
>interoperability between win32 and unix environments? If all I wanted
>was an all-unix environment on a 386 box, I'd run linux not cygwin. To
>me, the great advantage of cygwin over linux is that I can (mostly) mix
>and match Unix and Win32 apps (win32 Java under cygwin bash being the
>notable exception :-)

The point of cygwin is to provide a UNIX environment on Windows.  A
cygwin app has lots and lots of extra stuff in it to support that
functionality.  One of the extra things in a cygwin app is a substantial
amount of code to make signals work right.  Native windows apps don't
have this.  Having native windows apps work with cygwin is something that
we get pretty much "for free" and many native apps work fine.

However boundary cases like "My win32 process doesn't CTRL-C right" are
of little interest to me.  My focus, when I am working on cygwin (which
is less and less these days) is to improve UNIX functionality.

Since cygwin is a community free software project, you have one privilege
and possibly one detriment over commercial software:

Privilege: It's free.  Source is available.  You can fix problems yourself.

Detriment: It's free.  It is controlled by volunteers.  The volunteers are
           under zero obligation to look at problems which don't interest them.

I responded to the original message because I thought it was better to
do that than let people continue to send "bug reports" and "me toos"
here.  I was trying to set expectations.

I also thought that it was just vaguely possible that someone would
actually take some time to contribute something back to the cygwin
project beyond the bug reports and me toos.

It looks like Robert Collins may be investigating the problem now so
you're lucky.  It's too bad that, as always, it reverts to one of the
"core developers" to investigate something like this.  Very occasionally
we actually get people who are reporting bugs to attempt fixes.  It's
a shame that no one was willing to do that in this case.


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