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stdin/stdout with msdev.exe from [cygwin|apache] not working?


I have done a little testing and have come up with some ways to force my
way through this problem. I'd like to know if I've just completely
missed something important or not.

This is the basic problem:
  1. I would like to build a dev studio project from within cygwin.
  2. Using msdev.exe directly from cygwin yields no output.
  3. Using it through cmd.exe does.
  4. Using it through apache does (without cmd.exe).
Another quirk:
  5. Using it through cmd.exe through apache doesn't (sort of).

This is going to take a bit of explaining :), but here it goes:

>From a command prompt I can do this:
C:\> msdev.exe /?
  MSDEV [myprj.dsp|mywksp.dsw]  - load project/workspace

>From cygwin I can't (well, it does work, but no stdout):
mike@win2k:~$ msdev.exe /\?

To solve this I did this:
mike@win2k:~$ cmd.exe /C msdev.exe /\?
  MSDEV [myprj.dsp|mywksp.dsw]  - load project/workspace

So, that's fine and dandy. I have aliases to do all of that for me and I
see my project build and what not. I also tried with the perl script
below from the command line and it worked.

But then I decided to try over the web using apache. (cygwin apache, not
the windows version). A script like this:


system("env && /os/WINNT/system32/CMD.EXE /C msdev /\\?");

But that caused a command shell window to pop up on the server with the
output instead of sending it back to the browser. So Apache seems to be
able to read the output of msdev.exe okay without cmd.exe. Because once
I remove cmd.exe it does work.

So I'm wondering a bit about what is supposed to happen there. Is apache
right? Or cygwin? Or what?

I can provide any other information on request, but I'll just toss this
out there first.

Mike Brownlow           ><>
1024D/8AA6EAFD 3861 96B3 EEA2 285C BE23  F706 3E1E EBB2 8AA6 EAFD

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