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RE: windows 98 message: the required cygxpm-nox4.dll not found

 I also have a link to /usr/local/bin/xemacs.  Is /usr/local/bin in your
Please note that unless "." is in your path you can not normally run
programs in the current directory.
 Do you have /bin/cygXpm-noX4.dll ?
 If you do, then you have a path problem. How did you run it from the
 If not you need to download the correct package using cygwin (not "cygnus")

-----Original Message-----
From: Ralph Buse []
Subject: windows 98 message: the required cygxpm-nox4.dll not found

After netinstalling cygnus and right afterwards the cygnus xemacs (via
netinstall, too) without any complaints from windows 98 (itself a fresh
installation) both finishing with "installation complete" I get two rather
obscure messages, which are, in fact... Problems: 

1: typing "xemacs" in the cygnus-shell (bash) returns "command not found",
even when I am in the directory usr/local/bin/i686.../ where there is a link
"xemacs" pointing to the xemacs20*.exe in the same directory.

2: starting xemacs from the desktop I get the error message "the required
cygxpm-nox4.dll was not found" (perhaps not literally on english systems,
is german). 

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