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RE: cygwin1.dll (file version 1003.6.0.0) dup problem with gcc

I think I've found the cause of this.

I'll summarize the problem, since this is an old thread: 
when a Windows GUI IDE calls gcc or make, the process reports
"fhandler_base::dup: dup(unknown disk file) failed, handle 0, Win32 error 6"
and crashes.

The problem seems to occur when the [non-cygwin] application calls the
windows CreateProcess API function with one or more of the
STARTUPINFO.hStdInput, .hStdOutput, or .hStdError handles set to NULL; and
STARTF_USESTDHANDLES is set in StartupInfo.dwFlags.

The MSDN documentation is silent on the topic of calling CreateProcess with
STARTUPINFO in this state, so I guess this falls under the realm of
"undefined behavior", but at least some windows programs call this function
without hStdInput set.

I've found that in dtable::vfork_child_dup (), where each open fd in the fd
table is dup'ed if it is open, that if a check for a null handle is added,
the problem disappears:

diff cygwin-1.3.6-6/winsup/cygwin/
<     if (not_open (i) || (fds[i]->get_handle() == NULL) )
>     if (not_open (i))

Will this break anything else?  (i.e. are there occasions where a valid open
file handle might be 0?)

I've taken a glance at the testsuite directory -- is a successful "make
check" the benchmark?  What other tests should I run?  

BTW, I noticed in the definition of not_open (in dtable.h), that the
ResourceLock is set with the string "not_open" and then released with the
string "not open".  Does this inconsistency matter?  I haven't noted any
effects (good or bad) of changing the second to "not_open" (to match the
function name):
diff cygwin-1.3.6-6/winsup/cygwin/dtable.h
<     ReleaseResourceLock (LOCK_FD_LIST, READ_LOCK, "not_open");
>     ReleaseResourceLock (LOCK_FD_LIST, READ_LOCK, "not open");

Warm Regards,

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