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Re: I need help on how to use the Cygwin fortran compiler. Thanks, Dr. McNeill


2002-01-08 16:37:32, du schriebst:

> friend of mine suggested that instead I download Cygwin and use the
> available FORTRAN compiler in this package of free-ware.  Well I did that 
> last night, and from reading his E-mail instructions I was to download the 
> g77 FORTRAN compiler.  However, it did not work on my new PC at home.  Yet, 
> I only could access the g77 FORTRAN compiler in DOS via Command statement 
> on RUN.  If there is instead a FORTRAN compiler already with the Cygwin and 

Use setup.exe to install the gcc package;

> I was not suppose to use g77 please let me know ,and please inform me on 
> how to access this Cygwin FORTRAN compiler if it exists.  I tried searching

$ g77 --version
GNU Fortran 0.5.25 20010315 (release)

> for any FORTRAN compiler that came with Cygwin but I could not find any 
> statement on how to utilize it on the web site.  Your assistance will be 
> greatly appreciated.

Take also a look in the FAQ please:


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