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RE: I need help on how to use the Cygwin fortran compiler. Thanks, Dr. McNeill

 Do you have a Cygwin icon on your desktop?
    If not, go to and "Install Cygwin now"
       You should install, at least, Base, Devel, and Shells packages.

 Click on the Cygwin icon.  This should bring up a bash shell.
 Are you familiar with unix?  If not, you should find a tutorial somewhere.
    Although Cygwin is a great way for Windows users
    to access free software, it's really aimed at
    somewhat experienced unix/linux users who need to
    run on Windows.

 In your bash shell
    g77 -c fmain.f          will compile the fortran file fmain.f,
                            putting the object file in fmain.o
    g77 fmain.f -o fmain     will compile fmain.f and putting an
                             executable in fmain.exe
    g77 -c fsubr1.f
    g77 -c fsubr2.f
    g77 -c fsubr3.f
    g77 -c fcaller.f
    g77 fcaller.o fsubr1.o fsubr2.o fsubr3.o -o fprogram
                           will compile and link multiple source files.
    g77 -help gives more information.

-----Original Message-----
From: Dr. James H. McNeill []
Sent: Tuesday, January 08, 2002 10:41 AM
Subject: I need help on how to use the Cygwin fortran compiler. Thanks,
Dr. McNeill

Dear Cygwin:

Recently I purchased a HP Pavilion 750n PC, which has Windows XP, to 
perform numerical calculations at home relative to my theoretical research 
in physical chemistry.  I thought about purchasing a FORTRAN compiler but a 
friend of mine suggested that instead I download Cygwin and use the 
available FORTRAN compiler in this package of free-ware.  Well I did that 
last night, and from reading his E-mail instructions I was to download the 
g77 FORTRAN compiler.  However, it did not work on my new PC at home.  Yet, 
I only could access the g77 FORTRAN compiler in DOS via Command statement 
on RUN.  If there is instead a FORTRAN compiler already with the Cygwin and 
I was not suppose to use g77 please let me know ,and please inform me on 
how to access this Cygwin FORTRAN compiler if it exists.  I tried searching 
for any FORTRAN compiler that came with Cygwin but I could not find any 
statement on how to utilize it on the web site.  Your assistance will be 
greatly appreciated.

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