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Re: cygwin console

On Tue, Jan 08, 2002 at 10:52:17AM -0500, John Peacock wrote:
>Christopher Faylor wrote:
>>The problem is that we'll be switching the "I need a scrollbar!"s with
>>the "Where is the output from <some random windows command>?".
>>cygwin's pty emulation does not work with every windows application.  I
>>don't think we should default to using rxvt for this reason.
>I was not aware of this limitation.  Is this something we should be
>working on or is it a known-lost-cause-due-to-Redmond-stupidity issue.

The basic problem is that a cygwin pty is a pipe and some windows apps
don't like having their input/output redirected to pipes.  rxvt already has
some workarounds for this but they aren't foolproof.

>>It is so frighteningly trivial to change this that I don't really see a
>>big deal here.  The basic problem is that people think that cygwin is a
>>standard inscrutable windows app with no way to control their
>>environment if it isn't an option in setup.exe.
>>Maybe that's what needs to go into the FAQ: "You have the power!"
>Maybe Gerrit's idea of having a commented rxvt line in cygwin.bat could
>be extended to comment the rxvt line itself as well.  This way, the FAQ
>could simple say "If you don't like the (lame) DOS-box window, edit the
>cygwin.bat file and uncomment the rxvt line for another kind of
>terminal session."

Sounds like it's time for the old "patches gratefully inspected" procedure.


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