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Re: cygwin console

Gerrit P. Haase wrote:

>>Humm.  I comment out the bash line and I add the rxvt line and I get the 
>>"guick flash."  I do have rxvt installed, so what have I done wrong?
> Windows98?
> What happens if you just double click rxvt.exe from explorer?
> I get a whit shell with black font scrollbar at the left.
> Or was it DISPLAY which needs to be exported, though it isn't
> there if I call rxvt directely:

rxvt operates in two modes:
   1) if DISPLAY=:0
      run in "MS Windows" mode -- don't try to use X routines
   2) if DISPLAY=anything else (such as
      run in X mode -- you need an Xserver for this to work

> Try adding:
> export DISPLAY=
> or this:
> export DISPLAY=:0
> to your ~/.bashrc or /etc/profile

No, that won't help.  Rxvt starts before the bash shell, so you can't 
set DISPLAY from bash startup scripts.  (I'm assuming that you are 
double-clicking a shortcut that starts rxvt).  You need to change the 
DISPLAY settings in (My Computer->Properties->Environment NT/2K) or 
(autoexec.bat W9x/Me).

But people REALLY get annoyed if you mess with their autoexec, so there 
IS another option:

add '-display :0' to your rxvt command line.


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