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Re: bash 2.05a.0(2) console "misbehaving" on w2k

At 11:00 AM 1/8/2002, Greg Fenton wrote:
>I recently upgraded BASH (don't know the previous version I had...).
>Now when I run some programs, BASH misbehaves.
>In particular, I have two programs which stand out:
>Using the command-line P4 to submit, P4 calls vim to edit my
>submission entry.  Prior to the upgrade, everything worked flawlessly.
>Now, when in VIM, the console is all messed up.  VIM does not
>appear in Command Mode at all.  I start off in what appears to
>be Insert Mode, but hitting ESC does not take me into Command Mode.
>At first I thought that it might be VIM, but switching my P4EDITOR
>value to another VI (Watcom VI), I get the exact same (bad) behaviour.
>A second program is one I wrote myself.  I have code which clears
>the console (works fine on the W2K "command prompt" consoles), and
>it used to work fine in bash.  Since the upgrade, bash now seems
>to have some type of buffering problem.  The screen clears, but
>calls to printf(), fflush(stdout) and getch() get all confused.
>Again, the program works fine in the W2K command shell.
>The code I use to clear the screen is below.  I need to use code
>which will work in the NT command shell as well as Cygwin's.
>void ConsoleClear( void )
>     HANDLE handle;
>     COORD coord;
>     DWORD dwTemp;
>     attr.nLength = sizeof( attr );
>     attr.lpSecurityDescriptor = NULL;
>     attr.bInheritHandle = TRUE;
>     coord.X = 0;
>     coord.Y = 0;
>     handle =  CreateFile( TEXT("CONOUT$"),
>                           GENERIC_READ|GENERIC_WRITE,
>                           FILE_SHARE_READ|FILE_SHARE_WRITE,
>                           &attr,
>                           OPEN_EXISTING,
>                           (DWORD)0,
>                           (HANDLE)0 );
>     if( handle != INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE )
>     {
>         if( GetConsoleScreenBufferInfo( handle, &info ) )
>         {
>             // Fill the console with the space character starting from
>             FillConsoleOutputCharacter( handle, (TCHAR)' ',
>                                         info.dwSize.X * info.dwSize.Y,
>                                         coord, &dwTemp );
>             // Put the cursor back the 0,0 position
>             SetConsoleCursorPosition( handle, coord );
>         }
>         CloseHandle( handle );
>     }
>Suggestions as to what might be causing this?

Sounds like something or someone reset your TERM variable.

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