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Re: Cygwin/Java-JNI tutorial available (plus gcc question)

David P. Caldwell wrote:

> I was having trouble figuring out how to build Java/JNI programs with
> Cygwin.  There were a number of threads in the mailing list about it, and
> some were helpful, but it still took a great deal of slogging.
> After I got it working, I put a tutorial on the web
> ( on how to do it.
> If you are an expert on these matters (and don't feel like reading the
> tutorial), one question came up.  I was unable to link my examples into DLLs
> using gcc.  (Or, more properly, I was able to link it into a DLL, but the
> Java virtual machine would invariably complain that the function it was
> looking for did not exist.)  I ended up using LCC-Win32.  There's some more
> information about what occurred (and my cygcheck -s output) at

I don't have Java installed on this machine so I can't test this myself. 
  But, try the following additional options to gcc:


If that doesn't work, then try again with the above option, but in addition:


Does any of that help?


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