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IMAP c-client under Cygwin

[I tried to send this message once but it apparently did not go through 
from that address. Sorry if it duplicates]

I want to develop a Perl solution for accessing an IMAP server and doing 
things like querying messages in a folder named blahfoo, telling the server 
to move messages from blahfoo to cowpuddle, etc. I have researched and 
there is a Perl module collection for doing IMAP client stuff, but it 
requires UW "c-client" library support files to be linked in during the 
module build. 

My question concerns info on whether anyone reading has worked with IMAP 
and the c-client distro on Cygwin (I guess that I mean "worked with" more 
than by merely installing PINE, which i think some users might have done, 
but I don't know how much knowledge of building c-client that would give 
one if its a pre-built Cygwin binary you've installed...)? Can anyone offer 
pointers on building, or refinements to the source package documentation? I 
tried once to build it last month and it did not go well (sorry, this 
message cannot attempt to explain the errors in great detail, that was done 
last month on another system 400 miles away from where I am right now... 
but briefly, the source for c-client is written to expect an MSVC++ 
compilation environment on Win32; there is no built-in support for any 
alternative Win32 platform...) In this communication I am just soliciting 
advice and also inviting those interested to speak up and share knowledge 
about how to get a clean build of this lib so that we can do neat things... 

BTW, there is a great e-mail service provider at `', that has 
POP3 and IMAP access as well as an intelligently designed Web interface to 
email (and is currently in beta, so they are not charging for use of their 
service -- once they start charging they promise "no ads! -- ever"). Check 
their site for details. This is the server I wish to access with the 
software I am aiming to develop. My GUI email client, Pegasus v4, has 
unfinished and problematical IMAP support. 

  Thanks,     Soren Andersen 

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