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Re: IMAP c-client under Cygwin

Hallo Soren,

Am 2002-01-08 um 21:16 schriebst du:

> I want to develop a Perl solution for accessing an IMAP server and doing 
> things like querying messages in a folder named blahfoo, telling the server 
> to move messages from blahfoo to cowpuddle, etc. I have researched and 
> there is a Perl module collection for doing IMAP client stuff, but it 
> requires UW "c-client" library support files to be linked in during the 
> module build.

There is already a module for that and it builds without errors if you
build the c-client of the cygwin imap package, see here what I needed to

> My question concerns info on whether anyone reading has worked with IMAP 
> and the c-client distro on Cygwin (I guess that I mean "worked with" more 
> than by merely installing PINE, which i think some users might have done, 
> but I don't know how much knowledge of building c-client that would give 
> one if its a pre-built Cygwin binary you've installed...)? Can anyone offer 
> pointers on building, or refinements to the source package documentation?

You need to build the c-clientlib from source, the library isn't included in
the package, but the source ->


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