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Re: Potential problems with cygwin GCC and -mno-cygwin switch

Christopher Faylor wrote

> I've been reading the mingw mailing lists for a while and I really don't
> see anything like this.  Most of the replies are very courteous.
> They don't seem to have anyone like me, for instance.  :-)

Speaking of single-handedly destroying the open source movement, <G>, 
check out the summary of last week's linux-kernel mailing list over here: (Jan 7)

Talk about acrimony -- and that's between the core developers -- Rik van 
Riel wrote the (old) VM, Al Viro is active in the virtual file system 
layer, Andre' is the [lone] open source representative on the ATA 
standards definition committee, and then of course there's Linus.

Some juicy quotes:

Which, btw, explains why I don't consider you a kernel maintainer, Rik, 
and I don't tend to apply any patches at all from you.
  -- Linus

[Linus,] please pass your crack pipe arounds so the rest of us idiots 
can see your vision or lack of ..  -- Andre' Hendrick

[to Andre']: I've long since noticed that we cannot communicate...If you 
have patches, please talk to Jens, tell him what the issues are, and I 
know I can communicate with him. -- Linus

And there was lots of complaining about the lack of "quality" of the 
posts on lkml.

It ain't just cygwin@. And it ain't just cgf.


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