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Re: Potential problems with cygwin GCC and -mno-cygwin switch

Christopher Faylor wrote:

> Off the top of my head, there are a few issues with mingw support in
> cygwin gcc (I think most if not all have already been mentioned):
> 1) It's supported by me currently.  While I have no problem with mingw as
>    an entity, it's not my project, and maintaining the gcc/ld aspects do
>    not thrill me.  I have a few patches in my tree that are not part of
>    the standard gcc offering.  That's one reason why gcc 3.x built from the
>    official gcc release will behave differently from the cygwin gcc 2.95.3.
> 2) While I have gone to some pains to isolate header files in the -mno-cygwin
>    case, I didn't do the same thing for libraries.  That means if you do
>    'gcc -mno-cygwin foo.c -lncurses' ld will attempt (and fail) to link the
>    cygwin version of ncurses into your program in some cases.
> 3) c++ support doesn't work since we don't provide a mingw version of
>    libstdc++.a.  This has been on my tuit list for a while, though.

Wasn't Earnie going to provide this as a package at one point?  Or am I 

> 4) 'gcc -mno-cygwin -print-some-gcc-thing' doesn't work right.

5) CC='gcc -mno-cygwin' sometimes causes flaky problems with 
autoconfiguration.  And libtool.  (cf. related thread where somebody 
proposed a wrapper script with a "cross-compiler-ish" name like 
'mingw32-pc-i386-gcc' that just relayed to 'gcc -mno-cygwin'.)

I'd prefer an actual binary (not a script) that exec'ed gcc with an 
added '-mno-cygwin' argument -- but then, I'd truly prefer an 
honest-to-god, mingw target cygwin host cross compiler package.

Notwithstanding, we'd STILL need to have gcc -mno-cygwin even if we DID 
have a real cross compiler, for reasons that Chris explained in his 
earlier message.


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