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Re: what does it mean in csh


To a first approximation, at least, it's this:

         read x

CSH's $< is a request to read a line from the current standard input 
(subject to whatever redirection may be in effect, of course). In 
conjunction with a "set" command, the value read becomes the value of the 
named variable.

In BASH you can read multiple variables in one call. The input is parsed 
respecting $IFS and if there are more parsed words in the input line than 
there are variables named in the "read" command, then all the left over 
words are assigned (with spaces reinserted between the parsed words) to the 
last variable named in the read command.

Use BASH's built-in "help" command ("help read") for the gory details and 

Randall Schulz
Mountain View, CA USA

At 18:57 2002-01-08, hongxun lee wrote:
>The line below is included in a csh script (to install Ada compiler), but 
>i only have bash (Cygwin) on my PC. What is its equivalent in bash? Thanks
>set x = $<

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