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[avail for test] ncurses-5.2-8 and libncurses6-5.2-8

I've placed updated versions of these two packages on sourceware, but 
have marked them 'test'.  In order to install them, you must use setup 
and pick the 'Exp'erimental radio button on the chooser.


   fix for the BROKEN_LINKER problem.  Now, the public headers DO 
declare that symbol. (Kinda hackish, but I don't see a better way to 
implement this change...)

   updates to the documentation -- removed confusing references to 
"ncurses_dll.h" (a file which is no longer distributed or used by 
"newer" cygwin ncurses dists)

   repackaged the source to make rebuilding easier.  (Only Robert will 
be interested in the following: still kinda kludgy.  The build script 
unpacks and patches the source, then conf, build-static.  Then, it 
removes the .exe's and .a's, applies some hackish patches to the 
Makefiles under the .build directory, and then build-dynamic.  Blech, 
but it's still better than before.  Real fix: --with-libtool -- but that 
requires updating from 2.13 to 2.52...  later. )

   Can somebody verify that they can now build packages without 
-DBROKEN_LINKER when previously that switch was required?

   If you maintain a package that depends on libncurses6, ensure that 
your *CURRENT* version still works when cygncurses6.dll has been 
upgraded -- without recompiling your client package.  I've used vim and 
nano, and they both work, but I'm hesistant to remove the 'test' 
designation on this release until it's been verified to 'do no harm'.


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