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Downloading problems - either won't D/L at all or truncates over 1MB

This is partly complaint, partly my first encounter with the install
script and partly some suggestions to improve D/L scenarios.

I've had Cygwin uninstalled for a while due to space limitations.
I now have the space and am trying to re-install.  I tried D/Ling
the entire distro and encountered many problems.

The install screen is a bit cryptic on what some options mean.  There
ought to be a few changes made to make things easier to install.  Here
are my thoughts:

1)  After going to all of the trouble of picking the files you want
and picking a D/L site, it would be nice if the picks were saved so
when it fails you don't have to go through all that picking again.

2) A couple of options for all the latest binaries or all latest sources
(or both) would be nice.

3) Using any of the above options, it would be nice to have a 'Fill-in'
check box where you can just fill in the items that failed to D/L in
the list of items you picked.

4) An 'update' option might be nice where you could pick binary or source
or both and it would find any later packages than the ones you have
installed and D/L them.  This could double as the 'fill-in' option above.

5) A readme file at the top level of /Cygwin tree to explain cygwin-setup.exe
options and recoveries etc. would be nice.

All of the ftp sites I tried failed.  Just a bunch of failed to D/L latest
version of "XXX" where XXX is whatever package I'm D/L'ing.

I finally got a site to work, but all files > 980K failed after that much
was D/L'ed.  I tried with and without my firewall on.  Still can't D/L files
 > 1 MB or so.  I also tried using FTP with same result.  This seems more
like either an internet or server problem rather than Cygwin setup, but
maybe someone else had similar problems that they have resolved and could
donate a suggestion.

I've had problems like this before that I got around by D/L'ing to a faster
site (my ISP on the backbone) and then D/L'ing from there to my dialup PC.
The amount of data that I need to do this with this time would make it a
hassle to do for this situation, but I will if I can't resolve it any
other way.

Well, I tried some more sites and finally found one that works -
and managed to D/L the larger packages.  This leads me to believe that it's
a server or routing issue (timeout somewhere is set too small to allow slow
dialup D/L's).

I managed to make a mirror script to D/L newer files which seems to be
working (haven't tried it since I fixed the large file problem by finding
a good site.  It's Perl based using Net::FTP module and should grab newer
files easily and D/L them.

PS:  I'm currently not subscribed (I already have super heavy email traffic
helping Perl users), so please CC me with any replies.  Thanks,
   ,-/-  __      _  _         $Bill Luebkert   ICQ=14439852
  (_/   /  )    // //       DBE Collectibles
   / ) /--<  o // // (Free site for Perl)
-/-' /___/_<_</_</_     Castle of Medieval Myth & Magic

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