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Re: rebase for setup (curl)


On Tue, Jan 08, 2002 at 11:13:42PM +0100, Gerrit P. Haase wrote:
> That is funny, with my browser (IE) get just binary garbage:
> BZh91AY&SYCF#=Ux4> >$什 jz)
> ...

Sorry, I have no control over your browser and this web server.
Unfortunately, .bz2 are considered text (by default) by some web servers.

> y]ݹ[go =<K{{j{v5vg]ۮϪ{wmn=u{ ...

> Well, we have the great Cygwin toolchain, there is wget e.g.;)
> $ wget

I guess that I should have been explicit, but I assumed people would use
wget or another such tool.

> Please, Jason, tell me, where can I find more infos or the sources?

You can find more info on the MSDN site:

I previous posted the source:

> In detail, I'm getting different error codes 5, 32, 487 like this
> and what is strange (I think), I'm geting not one of these errors
> running the same command in /usr/local/bin where I have just my own
> dll's, well libmysqlclient-11.dll was also build by myself...):

We have the following:

    $ egrep ' (5|32|487)L' /usr/include/w32api/winerror.h 

So maybe you are getting error 5 and 32 because the DLLs are in use?
I just got some 487s myself for nonexistent file -- I should have gotten
2.  But, then this problem went away -- sorry, I can't explain this
except for the standard MS excuse... :,)

During some rebase runs, I empirically determined that ReBaseImage()
searches your PATH when trying to find (relative) files!  Maybe this
was causing some of your grief -- your were not necessarily rebasing
the files that you thought you were?

I just made the following changes to

    1. Display Posix instead of Win32 path names
    2. Display file name in ReBaseImage() error messages
    3. Pass absolute path names to ReBaseImage() to prevent it from
       searching the user's PATH.

You can find the latest source at:


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