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Re: cygwin console

Please keep replies on the list.

Igor Bujna wrote:

> Charles Wilson wrote:
>> Try installing this font:  Lucida ConsoleP from 
>> It is Lucida Console, reencoded to put the linedraw chars where 
>> codepage:oem expects them.  Then, start rxvt as:
>> rxvt -fn "Lucida ConsoleP-14" .....
>> (also, you may need to set your TERM variable to 'rxvt-cygwin-native')
>> --Chuck
> I make somethings wrong.
> I have Win98 Second autoexec.bat i have this 'SET 
> CYGWIN=codepage:oem'. I download the fonts Lucida ConsoleP end after i 
> this *.ttf put into c:\windows\fonts.
> I have script clock.bat:
> @echo off
> rxvt -tn rxvt-cygwin-native -fg lightblue -bg midnightblue -cr red 
> -title -fn "Lucida ConsoleP-12" -e /bin/bash

> And after i try to echo $TERM and i get rxvt-cywgin-native.
> Then i run test program ./gdc.exe(this is test program from ncurses->a 
> clock.This clock is in box().I put this in attachments )
> I must see ACS_VLINE , but i see '33333'.
> What im doing wrong.

I don't know.  Did you reboot?  Until you reboot, the change you made in 
autoexec.bat won't have any effect.  I just tried this myself, and it 
worked fine.  ACS_VLINE and all.

BTW, there was no need to send the binary -- gdc.exe is in 


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