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Re: [avail for test] ncurses-5.2-8 and libncurses6-5.2-8

Jason Tishler wrote:

> Chuck,
> On Wed, Jan 09, 2002 at 01:57:50AM -0500, Charles Wilson wrote:
>>  Can somebody verify that they can now build packages without 
>>-DBROKEN_LINKER when previously that switch was required?
> I can successfully rebuild Python 2.2 without -DBROKEN_LINKER --
> specifically, the _curses module now links without any errors.

Great.  Thanks for the confirmation.

>>  If you maintain a package that depends on libncurses6, ensure that 
>>your *CURRENT* version still works when cygncurses6.dll has been 
>>upgraded -- without recompiling your client package.
> I "tested" Cygwin Python 2.2-1 which was built against the previous
> ncurses version and did not uncover any problems.  By, "tested" I mean
> imported the _curses module into the Python interpreter.  I have never
> personally used this module, so I don't have the knowledge to easily
> test it further.

That should be sufficient.  If it imported successfully, then it must 
have been able to dlsymbol() all of the syms that it wanted from the DLL.

> Thanks for fixing the BROKEN_LINKER issue.

You're welcome (sorry it took so long -- but it was more difficult than 
it should have been.  ncurses is weird.)


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