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Rxvt and the missing command prompt

  I use Cygwin with rxvt. I also use Rational Clearcase. Clearcase has a 
command line tool called cleartool. When I start cleartool from a 
Windows Bash shell I get the prompt:

$ cleartool

However if I run rxvt and then issue a cleartool command I do not get 
the prompt:

$ cleartool
<just sits here>

Now if I type in a cleartool subcommand then that command does execute. 
For example, I can type "quit" and cleartool exits.

Note this also happens when I telnet into a box running Cygwin. I have 
sumeized that the problem is that rxvt and apparently in.telnetd (et. 
al.) use ptys and cleartool just doesn't like 'em. Is there any way to 
fix this?

I thought that perhaps using "tty" in the CYGWIN environment variable 
might fix things up but it doesn't. In fact I've seen tty mess more 
things up than fix them. If one sets CYGWIN="ntsec tty" then one types 
in vim in a Windows Bash shell then exits echo is turned off, never to 
return! Attempting to turn it on with stty echo give you "stty: standard 
input: unable to perform all request operations".

Anybody knows how to sort this all out to elminate these problems?

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