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I had my cygwin.bat file set so that the CYGWIN Environment Variable was set to 
title (I think I'm a minority but I liked seeing the program currently being 
executed), but yet I suddenly noticed that I was no longer seeing the name of 
the program being executed in the title bar.  

I recently moved to Win2000, I also recently started using the start command in 
cygwin.bat and wondered if either of these caused it to stop working.  Then I 
went and checked the mailing list archive and found a thread that seemed to 
deal with the proposal or thought to remove the cygwin=title function.  Now I 
wondered if the function was removed and I missed the notice (it is by the way 
still in the users guide for the Cygwin variable) or has something else stopped 
working or is it a Win2000 problem. 

I actually do see the program name but only once while login is being executed 
and then the only thing I see is the current working directory after that.

I use the following line to invoke cygwin from within the cygwin.bat file:

start rxvt -tn cygwin -fg white -bg black -sl 300 -sr -fn Courier-12 -e login


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