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Setting up user mode cron

I've set up cron on my desktop according to /usr/doc/Cygwin/cron.README 
which states I should:

$ cygrunsrv -I cron -p /usr/sbin/cron -a D -e "CYGWIN=ntsec"
$ cygrunsrv -S cron

And I have the following crontab installed:

15 * * * * echo -e "Debugging cron $(date)\n"                >  
16 * * * * echo -e "Working directory:\n\n$(pwd)\n"          >> 
17 * * * * echo -e "ID info:\n\n$(id)\n"                     >> 
18 * * * * echo -e "Directory listing:\n\n$(ls)\n"           >> 
19 * * * * echo -e "Script file:\n\n$(ls /tmp/update_view)\n" >> 
20 * * * * echo -e "Executing: /tmp/update_view defaria"     >> 
21 * * * * /tmp/update_view defaria                          >> 

The resulting output is:

Debugging cron Wed Jan  9 13:15:01  2002

Working directory:


ID info:

uid=1370(adefaria) gid=513(Domain Users) groups=0(Everyone),512(Domain 
Admins),513(Domain Users),1170(Everybody),1382(ITSupport)

Directory listing:

Script file:


Executing: /tmp/update_view defaria

It seems like cron works OK and runs as me in my home directory but I 
cannot access nor run any scripts! Not even in /tmp! Why?

Executing this script from the command line yeilds:

$ /tmp/update_view defaria
update_view: Warning: View pname does not exist: defaria

View pnames should be UNC names that lead to the top of the view
For example: //sons-clearcase/Views/<viewname>

Finally I received an email from cron that stated simply 
"/tmp/update_view: not found". So then, how does one set up cron such 
that one can use it to run scripts?

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