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Re: Downloading problems - either won't D/L at all or truncates over 1MB

----- Original Message -----
From: "$Bill Luebkert" <>

> This is partly complaint, partly my first encounter with the install
> script and partly some suggestions to improve D/L scenarios.

Install script? What script are you running, we only support installs
via setup.exe (which is not a script). Assuming that this is just a
terminology issue lets continue.

> I've had Cygwin uninstalled for a while due to space limitations.
> I now have the space and am trying to re-install.  I tried D/Ling
> the entire distro and encountered many problems.

Why install the entire distribution if you've had space limitations.
We've spent a huge amount of volunteer time just so that you don't have
to install everything, and now every second email to the cygwin list is
'I want to install everything'.

> The install screen is a bit cryptic on what some options mean.  There
> ought to be a few changes made to make things easier to install.  Here
> are my thoughts:
> 1)  After going to all of the trouble of picking the files you want
> and picking a D/L site, it would be nice if the picks were saved so
> when it fails you don't have to go through all that picking again.

The download site is saved. If you don't have a cygwin install on your
machine, choose the same local dir again, and it should remember your
download site. As for the chosen packages, patches will be accepted, but
must meet the following criteria:
* No unexpected side effects
* Works correctly when cygwin is and is not present on the machine
* Should integrate into the package database for install-from-net and
install-from-disk options.

> 2) A couple of options for all the latest binaries or all latest
> (or both) would be nice.

Check the mailing lists. Every message asking for this is just reducing
my motivation to do it. You have the ability to patch this yourself.
Installing all packages will not be a feasible option in the future.

> 3) Using any of the above options, it would be nice to have a
> check box where you can just fill in the items that failed to D/L in
> the list of items you picked.

Again, patches accepted. I don't see this as necessary however, if 1) is

> 4) An 'update' option might be nice where you could pick binary or
> or both and it would find any later packages than the ones you have
> installed and D/L them.  This could double as the 'fill-in' option

Huh? This is the default mode of behaviour. You run setup, it grabs
everything newer of the chosen stability.

> 5) A readme file at the top level of /Cygwin tree to explain
> options and recoveries etc. would be nice.

We have a web page dedicated to explaining how to install cygwin. I
think that's a little more intuitive than a readme file that will only
get installed once the downloads succeed and the install phase begins.
(Before you suggest writing it at the beginning I suggest you think
about the download only option).

> All of the ftp sites I tried failed.  Just a bunch of failed to D/L
> version of "XXX" where XXX is whatever package I'm D/L'ing.

Maybe you are behind a firewall that is interfering, or a broken proxy
that doesn't handle FTP.

> I finally got a site to work, but all files > 980K failed after that
> was D/L'ed.  I tried with and without my firewall on.  Still can't D/L

Ah, magic word.. firewall.

> I've had problems like this before that I got around by D/L'ing to a
> site (my ISP on the backbone) and then D/L'ing from there to my dialup
> The amount of data that I need to do this with this time would make it
> hassle to do for this situation, but I will if I can't resolve it any
> other way.

If you've had problems like this before, take a clue: Your environment
is broken. Before I got ADSL I routinely downloaded 20-30Mb files on a
33.6 modem.


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