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RE: ksh on cygwin

> Sorry.  That's not how it works.
> If you have patches to provide, check out the cygwin web page.  Click on
> the "Contributing" link.

I know about that.

> If you really are thinking about providing a modified version of
> the cygwin
> DLL with ksh, then I hope you think again.  It's a very bad idea.

Sorry, that was not my intention. Never.
I've put a lot of work into my fixes, but Cygwin development went off too
fast for me to keep up pace.
There's already a great interest in having ksh on Cygwin at Bell Labs. I'm
interested to get my patches into the official Cygwin release.

> However, if you insist, I hope that you'll have a separate mailing list
> available for support.  We definitely won't be supporting it here.


> >Please mail to me at both of these addresses then so that I can reply on
> >time:
> >
> >
> Hmm.  How odd.

Not so odd. I'm not monitoring the mailing list all the time and I don't
have access to the other mail account at the two places.

> I assume that I have to spell this out:  Please reply to the mailing list.
> That's how most free software projects get patches into the code base.

I know. I'm not that dumb.

> If you have questions, want to report bugs, or submit patches, the cygwin
> mailing list is the place to do this.  It's sort of a shame that
> you weren't
> doing that all along, in fact.

It was quite a bunch of things I had to discuss. Along them were copyright
infringements. As you might know, David Korn and Glenn Fowler are working
for AT&T.
I am a freelancer, so there are no copyright problems. So we decided that
they should work out the bug reports (some of which turned out to be bugs in
their software), and I do the fixes.
It was meant to prove that AST/ksh works on Cygwin, or, the other way round,
Cygwin is capable to run AST/ksh. It does. q.e.d.

So can we get down to discuss my fixes now?


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