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Having a bad time with g++ under cygwin

I'm getting extremely frustrated trying to get my code to build with g++ 2.95.3-5 (ld 2.11.92) under 
the latest cygwin (1.3.6 I think) on a Win2K platform. Attached is the (edited) output of my build. 
Basically I build a bunch of object files from C++ source, build a library from them, then build a 
C++ test program and try to link it with that library. During linking I get tons of "multiple definition" 
errors with symbols that are created by my code and then even more "undefined references" to 
all kinds of symbols that should be built into Windows. 

Can someone set me straight here? I just know I'm doing something incredibly stupid.

	thanx & later,

		Ben Scherrey

PS: All this code builds and runs under Borland's compiler. I'm trying the g++ out under Windows 
because I'm running into a strange bug that may be a compiler goof and want to confirm it.

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