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RE: Copy and Paste into Console

Thanks for the response Gary!

> > If so, where should I put it?
> >
> Your home directory.

This is ok, but I found Cygwin placed my home directory inside another
program's folder. How can I change my home dir?

> > What entries would work to allow:
> "man readline" will get you started.

mm.. lot's of info there! Did you mention this because it has the
definitions of key press symbols?

> > - paste into console from a right click;
> Don't know if this is possible, and I can almost guarantee you if
> it is it won't
> be anything in .inputrc that will do it.  The good news is that the middle
> button does this already if you have it, and also see my .inputrc below.

I am sure that I remember right-click being paste when I was using RedHat
Linux.. anyway..

> > - paste into console from a ctrl+v combination;
> > - copy from console from a left click (with text selected);
> > - copy from console from a ctrl+c combination.
> >
> No need - once you lift the button, the selected text is copied to the
> clipboard.  CTRL-C wouldn't be the wisest choice for copy anyway
> - it tends to
> already be used to kill the running app ;-).

Point taken!

> Here's what I have for my .inputrc, and it rarely steers me wrong:

OK.. I used your .inputrc - thank you very much. Here is what I found:
right-click copies
insert pastes
end prints out ~
home prints out ~
middle mouse button doesn't seem to do anything!

Did I miss something to do with the end, home and middle mouse buttons?



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