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Re: Downloading problems - either won't D/L at all or truncates over 1MB

On 10 Jan 2002 at 10:06, Robert Collins wrote:

> Ah, magic word.. firewall. 

> > I've had problems like this before that I got around by D/L'ing to a faster
> > site (my ISP on the backbone) and then D/L'ing from there to my
> > dialup PC.
> > The amount of data that I need to do this with this time would make it a
> > hassle to do for this situation, but I will if I can't resolve it any other way.

> If you've had problems like this before, take a clue: Your environment
> is broken. Before I got ADSL I routinely downloaded 20-30Mb files on a
> 33.6 modem.

I am not behind a firewall but have also had various problems similar to some of 
those reported by $Bill: servers that hung, file downloads that were reported by 
setup.exe during the install phase as "incomplete," and so on. Not the specific file size 
limit problem $Bill is reporting, I need to add to be precise.

How I have handled the obstacles I have experienced --since I believed that they 
were apparently "endemic" to the Cygwin setup system as it is currently designed -- 
was just to perservere -- sometimes losing hours of time in the process -- until I could 
finally get a good setup run.

The most recent setup.exe is a major improvement in terms of clarity, I gave a huge 
sigh of relief and wanted to stand up and cheer when I saw the totally new heirarchical 
display style. That part of what's been accomplished is just great. I believe that 
problems may exist on the server network side or with the programming involved in 

 Bearer of bad news? Shoot the messenger?
        Soren Andersen

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