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Re: URGENT: Cygwin Installation Problem

indu britto wrote:
> Hello Earnie
> I went through your tutorial on 'Installing
> (Cygwin' , and followed
> these steps, to install Cywin on my Windows 2000 machine:

I'm only responding to you because you mention this out of date
website.  Please, further postings to only.

> 1. Downloaded the latest version of setup.exe, by clicking on 'Install
> Cygwin Now' at, on to the Desktop.
> 2. Ran setup.exe
> 3. Selected 'Download from Internet'
> 4. Selected 'Use IE5 Settings'
> 5. Selected a download site in Japan ( i am in India)
> 6. On the package selection page, i clicked on 'View' to see all the
> packages, and clicked on each package to see their version number.
> 7. Then the setup proceeded to download all the files.
> After the download was complete
> 8. Re-ran setup.exe
> 9. Selected Install from Local Directory
> 10. Did not deselect any of the packeages that had been downloaded earlier.
> 11. The setup wewnt through without any problems, and i finally got the
> option to have a desktop icon, and add cygwin to the Start menu.
> Then i downloaded PostgreSQL (tar.gz file) and the cygipc (tar.gz file)
> 12. unpacked cygipc in the cygwin root directory.
> 13. copied the postgresql source file into /usr/src in the cygwin root
> 14. unpacked the source, and changed to the postgresql directory
> 15. entered the ./configure command
> Then i got an error:
> gcc not found
> cc not found
> and the compilation terminated.

It sounds as if you need to execute setup again and install gcc.  Based
on your stated Cygwin install procedure above, you only installed the
Base category in the second execution of setup.  You would have had to
of selected again what to install.

> I have since found out that in the latest version of cygwin, you can select
> the file names, which in turn shows a checkbox for selecting files to
> download and this may have been where I made a mistake. I did not select
> each box (put in the 'x' symbol) the first time round.

That checkbox will download/install the source tarball.  By installing
source it unarchives the tarball to /usr/src.

> I then went thru all the above mentioned steps in that order and remembered
> to select the box against each utility package.
> I faced the same problem during compilation.
> Can you please tell me what i am doing wrong.
> Thanks in advance.

You might want to send the output of `cygcheck -s -r -v' to the list.


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