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Cygwin 1.3.6 on NT 4.0: init_cygheap error


I saw only a few references to this in past postings, but actually did not
find a resolution (most recent posting is )

I tried to install Cygwin 1.3.6 on our PC with NT 4.0, service pack 4.

When invoking the bash shell (either through the Cygnus icon or within a
DOS command prompt) I get the following message:

"0 [main] bash 302 init_cygheap::etc_changed: Can't open /etc for checking,
Win32 error 50"

The /etc directory exists.

When invoking another bash shell within the same window this message does
not appear again.

For compatibility and historical reasons the B20 release is also installed
on the same machine (I am not sure whether this has any influence on the
above described problem).


A second problem that appears as well is that when calling 'vim' from the
above installation (6.0.93-1) I get the following error message in a pop-up

"The dynamic link library cygintl.dll could not be found in the specified
path <content of path variable>."

When searching for this DLL I could not find this anywhere in the
directories where Cygwin is installed.

Could anybody provide input to the above described problems?

Many thanks,
Markus Brenner

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