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Re: telnet cannot see mount drive

On Thu, Jan 10, 2002 at 09:59:16AM +0000, Tiffany Chan wrote:
> I mapped network drive (h:) in network neighboornood
> in w2k SP2 advanced server. The network drive (h:) can
> be accessed in both w2k "My computer" , w2k command
> line "cd" and also in shortcut of Cygwin in w2k
> desktop.
> But when I telnet to the w2k server using Cygwin ,
> type "mount". I cannot see h: or /cygdrive/h:, I also
> try to use mount -s h: \\server\folder, but it does
> not work. I cannot cd to h:
> I telnet using w2k telnet server. I see that the
> network drive is mapped by typing "mount", but it show
> the status is "not available". also cannot "cd" to it.
> Would you mind to help me ? Thanks

That's how it works, unfortunately.  When telnetting into the box
you're running in another logon session.  You have no access
to the mapped drives of the same user when logged on in a
desktop session.

Workaround:  Create a new drive mapping *inside* your telnet session
using another drive letter:

    net use J: ....

But *DON'T FORGET* to release the drive mapping before logging
out that very telnet session.  Otherwise this drive letter
is never ever usable as long as the machine isn't rebooted:

    net use J: /delete


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