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Re: libpng problems with png_info_init, png_read_destroy


2002-01-10 14:01:30, du schriebst:

> Perhaps this time I can ofer my two cents worth ;)

>> > Hallo Cygwinners,
>> > I'm getting these undefined references when linking against
>> > libjpeg import lib:
>> Waddaza want?  Wanted to say> libpng import lib
>> > /stuff/test/mMosaic-src-3.7.2/src/readPNG.c:79: undefined reference to `png_read_destroy'
>> > /stuff/test/mMosaic-src-3.7.2/src/readPNG.c:94: undefined reference to `png_info_init'
>> > /stuff/test/mMosaic-src-3.7.2/src/readPNG.c:286: undefined reference to `png_read_destroy'
>> > Are there a known workaround besides linking the libs statically?

> Since you are using .c, I presume that you are including the source
> and that the .c files do not contain the declerations, but only the
> implmentations of the code. Errors like your's if freuently
> encountered when forgetting to include a header file. Make sure that
> you are not looking for /stuff/test/mMosaic-src-3.7.2/src/readPNG.h
> instead.

> It appears that you want to rather include the .h files and add the
> relevant lib in your link-line.

No, the problem is that these functions are private and are not exported
from the dll lib, so I need to link libpng staticallz to get the
functions, but I want to link against the dynamic lib.

I found one reference in the archives how to substitute png_info_init
with png_create_info_struct() but nothing about png_read_destroy().

Anyway, thank you for your comment, please keep communication on the
cygwin list as long as it is ontopic there.


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